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What Our

Clients Say...

Great rates...  Responsive and always available...

Focus on educating the homebuyer...  No surprises at closing.


"I have been a real estate broker since the mid-'80s. Nothing pleases me more than when my clients choose to work with Iron Harbor."

- Laura Croteau

More Reviews...

"You are far easier to work with than a local company."

James F.

"The closing went beautifully. The closer talked about how you were the broker she worked with who always has everything perfectly prepared and the clients are always happy at closing."

Stacey A.

"You are the most efficient lender I believe I have ever dealt with and I have been in the business 33 years!"

Terry S.

"Thank you for making my home purchase such a hassle-free experience. My father, a realtor and appraiser, could not believe how smoothly things went."

Cynthia H.

"We can't thank you enough for your hard work and responsiveness. I am bragging to everyone I know about the great deal you were able to offer and the painless process."

Travis C.

"It has been a real pleasure to deal with a real pro like yourself. I appreciate your great integrity and tenacity. You are a real class act and it did not go unnoticed."

Gary M.

"I told the borrowers that they had aligned themselved with the perfect loan officer - that you guys had made this one of the smoothest closing ever." 

Kymber H.

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